joannah clear-luscombe


I call my self an artist, but in the same breath i can say that creativity is a curse!!! I enjoy being able to make things and having busy hands. I remember my mum once making me an anklet when i was about 7 years old out of fishing swivels and split rings...i was hooked!(pardon the pun!) My mother is a fine artist and i have fallen in love with creativity through her influence. I have loved colour as long as I can remember. I love the emothional effect colour can have on people and spaces. I love being able to affect a space with paint...I love seeing the out come. I also work in silver and enjoy being able to be creative in such a different field as well. More over the honour that i feel when someone tags a peice of jewellery that i have created as 'sentimental special' that is awesome.
I create individual works stemming from my own ideas, inspirations and experiences. To evolve as an artist I believe comes when I am totally open to learning. My two young boys have taught me how to try very different out of the ordinary ideas...they have shown me how to be unrestricted in my creativity.
I hope you enjoy this little window into my vastly creative mind!!! It is all constantly changing so please feel free to check back and see what i'm up to!

Jo :) !!!